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What is Vastu Shastra

Before understanding Vastu Shastra, we must understand that what do we exactly do when we construct a vaastu (Home, Office or any Architecture) as per Vastu Shastra. When we construct a house, we enclose a small portion or a part of the surrounding nature  or of the Universe with the help of 4 Walls and a Ceiling. At this point of time, if we can create a balance between the built in energies and the 5 elements of the Universe (Fire, Water, Earth, Space and Air), 8 Directions, The Magnetic Field of the earth, Ups and Down of the land and Sunlight etc, then that
house can be said as constructed as per Vastu Shastra. In other words, it means that the science which creates balance and coordination between the nature and its laws while constructing a house is named as “Vastu Shastra.” Vaastu means a place where u live. 
Vaastu is built on formulas and practices developed from ten thousand years of observations about the energies and the laws of the cosmic universe and how the physical, psychological and spiritual order interact with man's built environment. But I can dare to say by my experience that Vaastu is also about magical cures.
Man does not inhabit this earth alone. He lives amidst other natural forms and is influenced by the energies and the 5  elements that are perceptible and beyond perception.
Vaastu, however, can help bring environments back in line with the nature’s law of order. An expert practitioner can apply Vaastu principles and formulas to nurture your partnership with the universe, creating abundance and creating the way to the life you desire.
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Need of Vastu & Feng Shui

A man or a person is born with 3 types of Luck

1.  Heaven Luck : With which you are born i.e. your Destiny. You can not change it. 

2.  Human Luck:  Which is the result of your good or bad deeds or Karma. Uses of astrological Gem Stones come under this category. 

3.  Earth Luck: This luck is governed by your house or your office or the place where you live and the surrounding, i.e. Vastu or Feng Shui of your place.

If you balance your Human Luck by doing good deeds and the Earth Luck by using the techniques like Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, the severity of the suffering during crucial days of your Heaven Luck definitely reduces. Astrologically if you  are going through a bad phase and if you are living in a 30%-40 % defective house as per Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui, you may have 100% obstacles, but if  you are living in a good house as per Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui, you may have an easy life.

Vastu Tip of the Month

Main entrance is the mouth of a house which brings in main energy
Avoid the house which has a door facing South West. It brings in only struggle in one's life.  .