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Vastu Tips

Clutter Clearing

Clutter clearing is the most important aspect of Vastu or Feng Shui. Clutter indicates those things which are not used for years and years. It also means all nonworking items such as clocks, watches, electronic stuff, any machinery, etc. Either make them in working condition or just throw them away. Clutter disturbs the energy flow and creates disharmony in the house. It brings stagnation in the respective area of your life in which the clutter is accumulated. It may bring emotional sickness too. So get read of it, not only once but very often because Clutter Clearing is an ongoing process which never comes to an end. Please do not put any cure or remedy of Vastu or Feng Shui before you have done clutter clearing. See the magical changes after doing Clutter Clearing.

10 Comandments

1.  Main entrance is the mouth of a house which brings in main energy - Main door of house should never face South West or the life of the occupants may be or rather is guaranteed to be very struggle full. Doors facing North, North East, East, South East are good for money. 

2.  Mandir / Alter is the king of all Vastu Rules - Always keep Mandir or Alter in the North East area of your house. Rest of the things will automatically start falling in place. You should pray facing East.

3.  Kitchen is the symbol of prosperity - Your kitchen should be ideally placed in the South East of you house and you should face East while cooking. It indicates smooth flow of money and good health of the lady working there. Kitchen in the North or North East brings unexpected, sudden expenditures, loss of money and financial problems. Kitchen in the East has been seen giving cancer of uterus to a female.

4.  Master Bedroom is the Key to enter the door of Stability -  Your Master Bedroom must be in South West to get stability in the life. South East bed room brings anger. Bed room in the North East is never recommended to the head of the family as North East is the weakest part of your house. Master of a house must be given the strongest part of the house i.e South West. North East is the place for God and  South West is the Devils’  place. Master sleeps in the South West and becomes strong and God keeps a compassionate eye on the Master who is sleeps in his diagonally opposite direction.

5.  Bath rooms and Toilets  have the  energy of ‘HELL’ - Bath rooms and Toilets  must not be in North or they bring financial problems. North East Bath and WC give educational and financial problems. Bath rooms and Toilets are best in west or south.

6.  Center is the nose of your House - It is said that your house breaths through the Centre. Center of the house or office or of any constructed place must be empty and clutter free. A wall, a beam or any heavy object in the center gives stomach problems and financial problems to the occupant.

7.   Cuts make a house paralyzed or handicapped - Cuts in the house in any direction is very bad. Mainly cuts in South West ,North, North East and South East give tremendous financial problems to the occupant. There are many mysteries and secrets regarding the cuts and their effects on the occupant. Snehal has Mastery on solving these defects.

8.  A Devil or the Evil Energy resides in the deep holes in the South West -Underground water tank or a well in the South West is the worst or threatening defect and if it is accompanied by defect in North East, it ruins the occupant. Water placement ( only under ground) is good in North, North East ( not on the axis) and East.

9.   90% of the Illnesses and 92% of the Cancers are born due to Sleeping on GS - If a house has Geopathic Stress it needs to be corrected by an Expert or Sickness will prevail in the house. In the absence of good health, Money is useless.

10.  DIVINE SECRET - Last commandment is very important. If you have a very good house as per the vastu rules stated above and the flying Star Chart or the Feng Shui of your place is very bad, the house is not auspicious. It will give miseries to the occupant. And vice versa.

Snehal always emphasizes on treating the place with Vastu as well as Feng Shui as the only technique does not give the ultimate results. This is the uniqueness of her consultation and has given her 95% success rate.

11 Curses
1.  Never use bright colors such as Red, Purple, Pink for painting your house. This may aggravate the sickness star if any and bring in disaster. Do not keep too many Crystals, Clusters in your house. That also has the same effect as mentioned above.

2.  Do not keep Water Fountain, Fish Tank or even the picture of Water in your Bedroom. It will destroy your Health as well as Wealth. Water has to be dealt with great care.

3.  Do not keep your Mandir / Alter under any Beam or Cupboard or you will be always under stress.

4.  Do not keep Heavy objects, Dustbin and a shoe rack in North East and North of your House .Always keep North East and North clean and light. Heaviness here will block your Finances.

5.  Do not keep Bonsais in the house or they will hamper the growth in a respective area of your life.

6.  Do not face South while cooking or your mind will be filled with negative thoughts.

7.  Do not select a house which has a South West entry even if you are getting it at a lower price.

8.  Avoid that place to sleep where your cat loves to rest. That place most probably has a problem of Geopathic Stress.

9.   Do not give a room to your servant which is in the South West of your house or the servant will dominate you.

10.  Do not sleep in front of the mirror or after some years, it will cause the surgery of that part of your body which is reflected in the mirror.

11.  Do not keep paintings of Mahabharata, Titanic, Sinking Boat in your house or office or it may cause never ending fights between a husband and a wife and problems in your business respectively.
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Need of Vastu & Feng Shui

A man or a person is born with 3 types of Luck

1.  Heaven Luck : With which you are born i.e. your Destiny. You can not change it. 

2.  Human Luck:  Which is the result of your good or bad deeds or Karma. Uses of astrological Gem Stones come under this category. 

3.  Earth Luck: This luck is governed by your house or your office or the place where you live and the surrounding, i.e. Vastu or Feng Shui of your place.

If you balance your Human Luck by doing good deeds and the Earth Luck by using the techniques like Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, the severity of the suffering during crucial days of your Heaven Luck definitely reduces. Astrologically if you  are going through a bad phase and if you are living in a 30%-40 % defective house as per Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui, you may have 100% obstacles, but if  you are living in a good house as per Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui, you may have an easy life.

Vastu Tip of the Month

Main entrance is the mouth of a house which brings in main energy
Avoid the house which has a door facing South West. It brings in only struggle in one's life.  .